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Eyes and the stress they endure

Human eye vision is something that is bound to begin to worsen sooner or later in life. Sadly, apparently very little effort is invested in forestalling the problem of sight decline and warding it off before it has started appearing. Opticians are there to help with the problem once it appears, but there is nothing they can do to turn back time and to reverse the condition. However, if we try to take charge over the matter of the condition of our eyes, there are invaluable little things we can do.

Principles for improving eye sight

There are ways of improving one’s eyesight the natural way. First of all, we need to establish the most frequently occurring problems with vision usage. Three errors occur by far the most frequently – the absence of using the peripheral vision, looking for a prolonged time with no focusing, and failing to move the eyes to an appropriate extent.

These problems are most commonly associated with time spent in front of the TV and computer. That is why it is essential that the children be exposed to the screen for no more than an hour per day. Also, the distance from the screen bears a significant importance. The one who watches TV shouldn’t come closer to it than 3 meters, and it is recommended to take an even further position if possible. Avoid postures that may impede normal flow of blood in the body and especially in the area around the eyes.

In case, a person’s job position involves spending a lot of time in front of the computer, it makes it harder for them to restrict and decrease the time spent in front of the screen. What they can do, however, is to avert the eyes from the screen at least once every half an hour. This will allow the eyes to move more freely, and help them relax and relieve of the pressure of too much focusing.

There is an interesting fact pertaining to the choice of clothes for work. If you are wearing a shirt and the tie is too tight around your neck, it might pose an obstruction for the normal flow of blood from the heart to the head, and it might be depleted from substantial amounts of oxygen. Since the eyes get much less nutrients, their functional efficiency, or eye sight, may decrease as well. Speaking of nutrition, the choice of food in our nutrition also plays a substantial role. What may bring most good to your eye sight is an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.

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