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A sudden and involuntary contraction of the eyelid muscle is called eyelid twitching. Eyes are parts of the body that are used a lot and so one needs to take a good care of them. People who experience eyelid twitching may also have eyes sensitive to the light and blurred vision. In most cases people experience more often lower eyelid twitching than upper eyelid twitching. These spasms are usually harmless and they can occur anytime and anywhere and may last from couple of seconds to couple of hours and even days.


Variety of causes is responsible for the eyelid twitching. People who experience some kind of a stress or anxiety may be prone to eyelid twitching. Nowadays, when almost everyone spends at least a couple of hours doing something at a computer, the chances of experiencing eyelid twitching are getting higher. You should be careful not to overstrain your eyes and have your glasses changed quickly, as they can cause spasms in the eye muscles. Avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine, because caffeine is one of the causes of the eyelid twitching. Insufficient amount of certain vitamins and consuming too much alcohol can lead to eyelid twitching, too. It is important to know that the dry eye syndrome can lead to twitching of the eye muscle. Various irritations that occur in the structure of the eye can cause eyelid twitching and in some cases it can close the eyes completely. People who have any kind of eyelid infection or eye allergies may experience eyelid twitching, but some other symptoms like swelling, redness in the eye or watery eyes may be present as well.


There are a couple of treatments that can help you if you have problems with eyelid twitching. The most important remedy is to get enough rest and sleep. Sometimes eyelid twitching may occur due to the fact that a person hasn`t slept enough, which is why you should sleep at least eight hours in the night. You need to eat healthy and take the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Insufficient amount of potassium may lead to eyelid twitching. In case you experience the dry eye syndrome, you can use some eye drops that will lubricate the eyes and possibly prevent the spasms in the eye muscle. If none of the above mentioned remedies helps, then you can opt for the botulinum injection, which will terminate the twitching of the eyelid. You can always try soaking a clean cloth into the lukewarm water and apply it to the eye for a couple of minutes once or twice a day. Relaxing exercises, meditation and doing yoga can help you relieve the stress that leads to eyelid twitching. Warming your palms and placing them on the eyes may help you minimize eyelid twitching.

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