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Eyes are one of the most important organs of the body, andbecause of that maintaining good eye health should be imperative for everyone. However,people all over the globe have problems with their eyes and many of them arediagnosed with loss of vision, as well. Modern medicine is advancing every day,and many of these eye related problems can be cured. Some even believe thatmore than 50% of all blindness in the world could have been prevented.

You should do whatever is in your control, to protect your eyesfrom any potential harm. This may include eye injuries, infections, allergiesand diseases, since all these are known to lead to some serious eye problems.

Protect Your Eyes

Safety glasses, sunglasses and contacts lenses are important.Whenever working around some flying objects or any of the substances whichmight cause dust and debris you should wear protective glasses. They willprevent anything floating in the air to come into contact with your eyes anddamage them. Many companies working with such materials require from theirworkers to wear safety glasses all the time, as great precautionary measure fortheir workers. Sunglasses are invented to protect the eyes from harmful sunlight. Ultraviolet part of the sun rays can seriously damage your skin and eyesand you must protect both of them, wearing sunscreen lotions and sunglasseswhile in the sun.

Healthy Eyes

Contact lenses are great invention, but many people don’thandle them as they should. You must wash your hands before taking contacts inthem. Always clean them thoroughly after every use, and moist them with eyewash and refreshers. The container for your contact lenses must also be cleanedfrequently. Dried or dirty contacts are potentially harmful for your eyes andmay cause infections. Use only contacts that are completely cleaned and changethem every few months or so.

Many diseases are known to be associated with eye problems,including diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders and thyroid problems. Hypertensionand diabetes can be prevented, so you should lead a healthy lifestyle maintainhealthy weight to avoid medical problems associated with these diseases. If youalready suffer from certain medical problem, you should follow your doctor’srecommendation and prescriptions.

Allergies to pollen or some other substances may also provokeeye problems. OTC (over the counter) drugs might work for you, but if the redness,itching and burning wont; stop, visit your doctor.

Your eyes should be treated gently, so don’t rub them toooften. Use a wet wash cloth and wash them every morning.

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