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After the exhausting day spent in school, children should getrest. Their eyes have been absorbing information and so they should get rest, too. There are several eye tracking exercises that can help children relaxtheir eyes. Sometimes, children get tired and confused and it becomes difficultfor them to follow the next task and some of the eye tracking exercises can bereally helpful in overcoming such problems.

Eye Tracking Exercises Benefits

Children`s memory and better performance of the brain can beimproved by some of the eye tracking exercises. They can also help children toidentify figures and objects faster than before. Children`s eyes can get really tired andthese exercises are also very good for relieving eye strain.

Helpful Eye Tracking Exercises for Children

For the best results of this exercise, a child should take apen or a pencil and hold it right in front of his/her eyes taking it away fromthe eyes and bringing it closer to them. This exercise should last for about 10minutes followed by a break. It improves tracking and focusing. For the nextexercise you will need a ball on the string and you should swing it from oneside to another, while a child should focus on the ball without moving his/her head.This exercise is said to be one of the best eye tracking exercises. If you wantto make this exercise funnier for both, you and the child, you can ask a child tohit the ball with a bat. Next exercise should focus on memorizing and noticingas many things as a child can. You can play a certain clip and then ask variousquestions about it. The following exercise is focusing on a child`s perceptionand ability to analyze things. You should place two similar but not identicalimages on the table and ask a child to find the missing objects or differences.Images may have up to 10 differences. For providing the next exercise you willneed to go to a dark room and have a torch or a lamp flashed on certain things.A child should identify and name the objects and then you can ask him/her tofollow the light with his/her eyes without moving his head. One more eyetracking exercise for children should look like this: you should take twopencils of different colors one in each hand. Ask a child to focus on thepencil the color of which you`ve just named. You should name other color every now andthen. The exercise should last for about 10 minutes. Concentration and trackingare improved by doing this exercise.

These are just some of the eye tracking exercises that canhelp children improve their tracking, focusing, memorizing, noticing, andperception abilities. They are also very good for reducing the everyday stressand improving children`s ability to absorb information quickly.

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