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There are many conditions and disorders a person may have with their eyes, one is called myopia and this means that a person cannot see objects at a far distance. There are a couple of exercises that can be done with the eyes to improve the condition and in some cases completely cure it.

Myopia the Facts

It is estimated that there are well over seventy million people in the US alone that suffer with the condition called myopia. This condition is a disorder that affects a person’s eyes and what happens is the retina of the eye sees the objects before the image actually hits the retina to form a clear picture. Myopia can be treated a number of ways but, most commonly it is treated with the aid of lenses or in some situations laser eye procedures. However, the easiest and just as effective way of treating this condition is by following some easy exercises designed for the eyes. Myopia is originally caused because of too much reading and/or writing, and of course spending too long time in front of a computer, watching TV from a very close distance can also cause myopia. As well as these reasons, myopia can also happen due to heredity. Number One Eye Exercise for Treating Myopia

Choosing to go down the healthy, natural way of treating something is always better for you. For the first exercise you should warm up your hands and apply them over your eyes softly with applying pressure. Your hands should be just resting on the eye bone and not allowing light to enter into the eye. You can stay in this position for about ten minutes or so. You will need to do this exercise every day and you will feel the eyes becoming more and more relaxed.

Number Two Eye Exercise for Treating Myopia

For this exercise you will need to take a pen and use your eyes to focus on it whilst changing its position. You can move it towards your eyes and take it back again to a distance arm stretch away. You can do this exercise every day as it will assist you in improving your focus flexibility. It is a well known myopia exercise.Number Three Eye Exercise for Treating Myopia

This exercise will have you rotating your eye balls. Begin from the left side and then look to the right and you can do this many times in the day to improve and relieve the stress that your eyes deal with every day.

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