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What Is Hand Eye Coordination?

Have you ever wondered if youwould be able to grasp anything without looking at it first? We probably do noteven think about it, but grabbing things is quite a complex process. Firstly,we need to set our eyes upon it and send the location to our brain. Then, thebrain coordinates the movement of the hand or any other desired part of ourbody and we engage into the direction in question. We do thins while writing,playing sports, catching things and in many other situations. Therefore, properhand eye coordination is crucial for all of these actions we need in life. Wedevelop this capability at a young age, through drawing, playing and otheractivities. However, some children have lesser capabilities of this type and donot manage to develop hand eye coordination in an optimal time. Then, theytransfer this inability into their older age, affecting their lives. Since thisdrawback is far easier to be remedied while the child is still young, learn howto notice hand eye coordination problems and take steps to solve and correct them.

Hand Eye CoordinationExercises

The first useful exercise isplaying goalie. As the name itself suggests, the person with hand eyecoordination problems is supposed to be a goalkeeper, while you are to throwthe ball at him/her. Then, the individual is supposed to catch it, throw itback, and catch it again and so on. As the exercise progresses, intensity anddifficulty regarding catching the thrown ball may advance as well.

Similarly, the troubled personmay practice by standing next to a wall and throwing a basketball on it. Oncethe basketball rebounds off the wall, the person is to throw it back instantly,while using only his/her fingers during the process. Once this gets easy, trydoing the same with only one hand.

Even though many people criticizevideo games for their violence, these can be extremely helpful for thesepurposes. Thus, people with hand eye coordination problems are advised to playmany video games, especially shooters since these involve aiming and precision,coordinating arm-mouse movement with your eyes focusing on the target.

Additionally, exercises withtracing different shapes by looking for them in different drawings are known tobe very helpful, especially for children. Also, any sports involving a racketor a stick of any sorts are all bound to increase your hand eye coordination.

Finally, you might considerplaying Rocky by purchasing a boxing speed bad. Mount this in your apartmentand box as often as you can, in the same way professional boxers do.

All in all, the most productiveand effective way of developing your hand eye coordination is by taking upsports from young age.

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