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Exercising One's Eyes

Just as people need to workout in orderto get their body in the best possible shape, they can do exercisesfor their eyes improving their functions as well. Namely, thosesuffering from certain physical eye deformations like lazy eyes oreyes with movement difficulties, as well as many others, may be happyto know that there are exercises able to solve their problems andmake their eyes normal. Many other conditions like some eye diseasesmay be cured with the successful performing of these exercises.Nevertheless, before one indulges into this miraculous procedure,there are several things needed to be taken care of.

First of all, before doing any eyeexercises, you should consult with your eye doctor beforehand, sincesome eye conditions may only get worse with further physical eyestraining. Also, do not wear contact lenses once you engage theexercises because you may risk them getting dislocated or possiblyirritating your eyes. Finally, in order for the following exercisesto be the most effective, you are to be alone. Therefore, do these inyour spare time, while sitting alone in your room or while in similarsituations.

Effective Eye Exercises

The first exercise relaxes your eyes aswell as the rest of your body. What you need to do is sit in a chair,relax and rub your hands so as to make them warm. Once you have donethis, place them onto your eyeballs as gently as you can and breathedeeply and calmly in order to relieve yourself of stress. Doing thisfor several minutes will prove to be mostly effective and refreshing.

After relaxing your eyes, comes thenext exercise. Namely, you are to press your closed eyes for severalseconds. Then, upon you releasing them, you are to open them as wideas you can, before applying pressure once again. After repeating thisseveral times gently massage you eyelids with the tips of yourfingers for several minutes.

Following this, you are to roll youreyes interchangeably in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.Afterwards, make a visible spot on your window, sit in front of itand focus your sight on the spot, focusing on the background outsidethe window once you have looked at the spot for several seconds.Change your focus a bit more and you will provide your eyes with anexcellent exercise.

This set of exercises completes withthe following one. This involves taking a pencil and holding it withyour arm spread in front of you. Then, while looking at the pencil,move it closer all the way until your eyes loose its focus on it.Return it to the initial position afterwards, keeping your sight onit.

These exercises are excellent for thosewho spend a lot of their time in front of computers as they enableone's eyes to regenerate and relax, demanding minimal spare time forthese purposes.

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