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Children have the benefit of knowing nothing before they learn something. Thus, they learn with incredible speed and manage to acquire infinite amounts of information about the world around them, if this information is granted. However, in order to gain any form of knowledge they need to listen and they need to read. Thus, their visual skills are crucial for the process and, when children have problems with tracking letters and figures, they cannot learn properly. Fortunately, the following eye exercises can help.

Eye Exercises for Children

Note that the following exercises are not only designed for children who cannot see well, but, rather, for all children. Namely, the exercises below are related to the brain, helping it identify objects, speed up its tracing capabilities and memorize objects better.

The first exercise is quite easy and it solely requires the child to hold a pencil in his/her hand. The child should take the pencil and place it in front of the face, focusing the sight onto it. Then, he/she should move the pencil closer to the face and then back in the initial position, without losing focus on the item. This exercise boosts tracking and targeting.

Secondly, tell your child to take a ball and tie it to a rope so that he/she can swing it side-by-side. Then, without being allowed to move the head, tell the child to follow the movements of the ball with his/her eyes. Later on, when the child manages to track the ball without problems, he/she can try and hit it with a bat, improving the movement coordination too.

Thirdly, you can play a memory game with your child by showing him/her a picture for a limited time, asking him/her to describe as many details as possible afterwards. Compare the results with the original and practice again with different images. Alternatively, give your child tasks which require noticing the differences between two seemingly identical images. This will boost his/her concentration, analytic skills and perception.

More Eye Exercises for Children

In order to make eye exercising an adventure, turn of the lights in the child's room and, by using a flashlight, expose certain items in the room, asking the child to identify them as soon as possible. Remind the child to follow the moving light with his/her eyes, without moving the head.

Finally, you can take two differently colored pencils and ask the child to focus while holding them in front of his/her face. Then, move the pencils around and call out one of the two colors, asking your child to focus on the color you have uttered. Ten minutes of this exercise will improve tracking and concentration significantly.

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