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Eye Strain

In this article we are going to focus on the reducing of the eye strain and how some eye exercises can help your eyes rest. Eyes are among the most used and most important body parts and they get tired doing everyday activities like reading, watching television, focusing on some objects and spending time at the computer. In order to help your eyes get rest, you need to relax your eye muscles. By doing some of the eye tracking exercises you can improve your vision and it will be much easier for you to read, track or focus on a particular object, and maintain the coordination.

Helpful Eye Tracking Exercises

The first exercise will improve the flexibility of your eyes. You should place you index finger in front of you and by moving your arm away from you, stay focused on your finger. Then bring it back to your body and away again. This exercise should last for about 15 minutes. For the next exercise, you will need a help of a second person and two flashlights, but you will also have to be in a dark room. The other person should point some objects with his flashlight and then you should track them using yours.

The following exercise can be very interesting and you will need a small ball, usually in a size of a tennis ball, attached to a piece of string that you previously hung to the ceiling. Ask someone to hit the ball a bit so the ball would move in various directions. Your task is to track the ball without moving your head. Another exercise can help you in maintaining the perfect focal length. You should cover one eye and focus for a couple of seconds on some object that is far away from you and then quickly focus on the object near you. Exercise you both eyes and repeat it about 4-5 times.

The next technique for relaxing eyes can be very helpful when you don`t have much time. You should simply rub your hands until they are warm and place them on your closed eyes, but be careful not to apply pressure to your eyes. This should also be repeated about 4-5 times. For exercising your eye muscles you can close your eyes tight and then relax. Repeat this for couple of times and your eyes will feel better. Your eyes can get really tired if work at a computer for a long time, so it is essential to know that you should rest your eyes every now and then. Just look at some objects that are couple of meters away from you. Remember to do this from time to time to help your eyes rest.

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