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Eyesight and eye muscles

The eye functions by muscular action and a lack of conditioning can lead to said muscles becoming weak, causing a worsening of eyesight. Relieving the strain in the eyes is also made more difficult by the prolonged use of computers. To ensure the longevity of good eyesight, several eye exercises can be performed, stimulating the optic nerve connecting the brain with the eye and benefiting both. All eye exercises and therapies function by strengthening the cilary muscles, which tighten when focusing on nearby objects and loosen on focusing on faraway ones.

Methods for strengthening the eyesight

An easy method for training the eye involves moving the eyes from the lap to a certain chosen focus point, five times. This must be performed while seated, fully relaxed and with the back straight. The body must not move. To aid the eye relaxation it is suggested to place the hands over the eyes to prevent the light from breaching in, whilst breathing slowly, lasting from three to five minutes. Moving the eye up and down eye can also be beneficial, but this movement must be slow and repeated five times. Closing the eyes tightly and opening them is beneficial for preventing the strain caused by computers, as doing this five times can arouse the tearing process. Moving a hand held object in a number eight pattern and tracing the movement with the eyes can help. The duration is around 10 to 15 seconds, and the focus is on the item itself, which should be held at arm's length. Another useful exercise involves shutting down the lights and sitting comfortably in front of a lamp. The eyes should be closed but facing the lamp and the lamp turned on and off. It is advised to maintain a relaxed breathing pattern. Touching the nose tip with a pen or similar object, and moving it an arm's length away while focusing on the tip is also a gainful exercise. If in an enclosure, it is advised to attempt focusing on anobject that is not inside, and then changing the focus back onto an object that is nearby. This process should last for eight seconds and done three times consecutively. Practicing this exercise as much as possible daily is suggested, preferably once every hour.

These exercises do not only help improve the overall health of the eyes of individuals whose eyes operate in a normal fashion, but also can assist improving or maintaining the eyesight of people that require lenses, eye glasses or suffer from some sort of eye weakness or disease.

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