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Eyestrain is not a medical condition per se. Instead, it represents a health inconvenience caused by intense eye use. Eyestrain commonly occurs due to spending too much time in front of a computer screen, reading or driving a car.

This medical issues actually is not that serious and soon withdraws once the eyes get proper rest. Rarely, eyestrain may be associated with some underlying eye conditions which require adequate treatment.

Even people who simply cannot change their jobs, which are to blame for eyestrain in the first place, may adopt healthy habits and try to reduce eyestrain as much as possible.

Symptoms of Eyestrain

Eyestrain is typically characterized by sore, tired and burning eyes. The eyes may also be itchy and watery. Although some people may experience excess tearing of the affected eyes, others complain about dry eyes.

Furthermore, there are problems with vision (double or blurred vision), and one may additionally complain about sore neck, back and sometimes shoulder pain. Additionally, eyes become way too sensitive to light (photophobia).

In people who spend too much time in front of a computer there is clear difficulty shifting the focus between the monitor and paper documents. Also, these individuals may experience color fringes or after images when looking away from the monitor.

Causes of Eyestrain

As it has already been mentioned the most common causes of eyestrain include extended use of a computer or any other monitor, reading for a long period of time as well as all activities associated with extended periods of intense focus and concentration (e.g. microscopic observation or driving a car ). Additional reasons behind eyestrain are exposure to bright light and glare, and prolonged straining in order to see in very dim light.

It is also possible to experience eyestrain due to underlying eye conditions. This problems mostly affects people suffering from refractive errors and those those eye muscles simply do not function adequately.

Potential Complications

Eyestrain does not cause any long-term complications. It is usually only disruptive, annoying and unpleasant. It affects one's ability to concentrate and makes a person feel exhausted. One may need plenty of time to completely recuperate from eyestrain.Treatment for Eyestrain

Treatment for eyestrain basically comprises plenty of rest and changes regarding activities that have led to eyestrain in the first place. In case eyestrain stems from refractive errors, one is prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses and the problem soon subsides.

All in all, even though people may think they are suffering from eyestrain, if they experience any of the mentioned symptoms as well as additional eye discomfort, a noticeable change in vision and headaches, they are due to consult their health care provider as soon as possible.

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