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Eyelid Spasms Facts and Types

The sudden and involuntary contraction of the eyelid muscles can irritate and annoy some people. Those contractions are called eyelid spasms. This problem is not the one that puts your life in danger, but, it`s good to know the possible causes and treatment of the eyelid spasms.

There are three known types of the eyelid spasms, and they are classified into eyelid twitching, essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. Eyelid twitching is the contraction of the eyelid muscle that lasts only for a couple of seconds. The term essential blepharospasm refers to the condition that causes the eyelid to shut down for some time and it usually occurs in one eyelid. Hemifacial spasm does not only cause the eyelid spasms, but also the contractions of the muscles on one side of the face. Hemifacial and blepharospasm can be treated with botulinum injections, which will reduce the eyelid spasms.

Possible Causes

There are plenty of causes of the eyelid spasms and they all need the appropriate treatment. Sometimes, if you haven’t slept enough, you can experience the eyelid spasms. If you are doing some activity that is requiring the excessive eye effort, you can make your eyes become tired, which will be followed by the eyelid spasms. You need to relax and reduce the stress in order to prevent this problem, which may also occur due to the gazing at the monitor for a long period of time. Although you don`t feel the strain of your eyes, you can eventually experience the eyelid spasms. Various stressful situations such as unhealthy relationships, for example, can affect the eyelid spasms. If you drink too much coffee, you may experience eyelid spasms due to the caffeine that is contained in the coffee. Excessive consuming of alcohol is also responsible for the contraction of the eyelid muscles. If you spend the whole day at the computer, it is essential that you take breaks every now and then in order to avoid dry eyes, since it can lead to eyelid spasms as well.


You can use many treatments to cure eyelid spasms, but you need to focus on the cause of it. If you feel stressed, you need to relax and try to get rid of the stress, because relieving the stress will stop the eyelid spasms. You can also try some physical exercises like yoga or mediation, in order to reduce the stress. If you are consuming a lot of alcohol or drinks that contain caffeine, then you should reduce the intake of them to prevent or stop eyelid spasms. In case you spend too much time at the computer, it is recommended to use some eye drops to reduce dry eyes and eyelid spasms. Take care of your eyelids as well as of your eyes, since they are the most used part of your body.

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