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Various eyeproblems can be solved using something as simple as eye drops. These productscan relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms but also heal the problem with theeye. Eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body and they can be veryeasily hurt. All of us know someone who hasn’t taken care of his/hers contactlenses and had eye problems because of this. Whether it is a piece of somethingthat accidentally got in the eye, injury to the head or to the eye, or a sporttrauma, when your eyes hurt – it is a big deal and no one likes having eyeproblems. Over the counter (OTC) products do help in many cases, but if youtried some and they didn’t help you, you should consult vision professional,and get some prescribed eye drops.

Dry Eyes

After a longday in front of your computer monitor at work or after a walk in the wind, your eyesmight need some extra care. Usual solution are some of the OTC eye drops, butfor the people suffering from chronic dry eyes problems, vision specialists mayprescribe Restasis eye drops.


When you areallergic to anything, one of the most common symptoms is itching and burningsensation in your eyes. Allergens can cause so much trouble to our eyes that weare not able to perform normally, either at our jobs or at home these days. OTCocular drops can be of some help in these cases sometimes, especially becausemany of them contain the same active substance as prescribed eye drops, but inmuch smaller doses. However, if it doesn’t relieve your red eyes or theitching, visit your doctors for some prescription ocular drops.


Pink eye isanother condition that can be taken care of with the help of the eye drops. Thiseye problem can be bacterial or viral infection, and for the treatment it isvery important first to identify the cause of infection and then to consult thedoctor and get some appropriate prescription medications. Pink eye is inmedical circles known as contagious conjunctivitis, and patients usuallyexperience redness of the membrane of the inner part of the eyelid or of the whitepart of the eyes. Depending on the cause of this problem, the solution might besimple warm compresses on the affected eye or prescription eye drops.


When thefluid from the eye stops draining properly, you could experience a seriousproblem of the eye such as glaucoma. The problem with glaucoma is that withouttreatment, this condition can decrease your peripheral vision or even causeblindness. Therapy options are prescription eye drops, containing epinephrine,beta blockers or pilocarpine.

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