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Infections of the eyes are very common and a lot of times unknown. They can be due to dust, allergies and even sunlight can be the root cause. In this article we will look at some basic home remedies however first let us look at the symptoms.

Red eyes: this is where you will see a bloodshot effected in the whites of the eyes.

Discharge in the eye: this can sometimes be discolored.

Irritation: The eye can feel itchy and uncomfortable – leading to redness.

Pain in the eye: it can feel sharp stabbing or aching depending person to person.

Blurred Vision: your eye sight can start to be blurred.

Watery eyes: These eyes can continuously water.

Swelling: the tissue around the eye can swell.

Light sensitivity: some infections can make you feel discomfort in the light.

Now lets have a look at how some home remedies can help you.

A hot compress is a simple home remedy to alleviate the beginning symptoms of a sty, simply place the hot compress on the swollen lump.

Did you know that a tea bag has tanic acid in it? This ingredient will help to shrink down the size of the stye. Simply soak the tea bag in warm water and place on the swollen lump for some time. This really does work even after the tea bag has dried out.

If you tend to suffer with stye’s on a regular basis you could try using guava leaves. You simply warm them and put them in a slightly damp cloth and place the cloth on the swollen eye.

While you are waiting for the swelling to dissipate, mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder in 2 cups of water and use the water as drops for the eye approximately 2 to 3 times per day.

Another home made eye wash is to boil a teaspoon of seeds of coriander in 1 cup. This will cleanse the eyes.

We all know about the effective qualities of aloe vera. This again can be placed on the eyes.

If you are suffering from pink eye or Conjunctivitis make a chamomile or lavender warm compress. This will help you with the irritation of the eye.

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard before…. Cold bread! Don’t eat it, just place it on the eye.

If you have conjunctivitis you can try putting distilled water in a glass jar, put in 7-8 Jasmine flowers and then let it stand for 8 hours and keep it covered. When its ready apply the drops and make sure you completely soak the eyes with the drops. You will soon notice the effects.

Of course though, like with anything it is always advisable to see your GP if symptoms persist.

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