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The most common causesof eye infections are bacteria and viruses. There are lots of various types ofthese infections, but the most frequent kind is bacterialconjunctivitis, also called “pink eye”. Blepharitis caused by staphylococcus isalso a very common sort and it stands for a chronic state of inflamed eyelids causedby infective agent. A sty is an infection of the oil glandulae which are located onthe border of eyelid, around the eyelashes.

Eyes are exposed to various causes ofinfection all the time, but the actual infection occurs only when defensive limitsof the eye are jeopardized. Infection may be caused by local agents or it can bespread from areas far from the eye.

The main symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitisare red, aching eyes that release liquid. The eye releases more tears thannormal and it can be dilated. Similar symptoms can be found in blepharitis,while some others are hurtful sensations to light, and sand-like feelings in the eye thatget worse after sleep. The main manifestation of staphylococcal blepharitis isthe formation of crusts on the eye lashes.

Since eye infections can be the cause of more severecomplications, it is advised to treat them as quickly as possible. Some kindsof eye infections can be very infectious, so the persons that come in contactwith the affected person must take better care. Traumatized eyes or recent eye surgeryare also factors that enlarges the possibility of eye infections.

The infection is transmitted by eyedrainage which carries the infectious breed. If one comes in contact with eyedrainage, transfers it to the hand and then rubs their eyes with the same hand, theinfection can be easily dispersed. There are some rules for prevention of spreadingthe infection.

Wash hands before contact with the eyesDo not use the same makeup as the patientDo not use contact lenses before the endof the infectionDo not share towels, pillows or handkerchiefs

An accurate diagnosis must unveil the cause ofinfection before the doctor prescribes the therapy. Conjunctivitis is very infectiousso the patients are advised not to go to work or school.

Anti-infective topicalsolution or ointment is prescribed as therapy. In treatment of blepharitis, warmcompresses are of crucial importance, since they take away the debris, lower the bacteriallevel and consolidates the tear levels. In the treatment of a sty, one should followthe general instructions given for eye infection treatments, such as not touchingthe eyes, not wearing makeup or lenses and using warm compresses. If those measuresdo not help to heal the infection, one could introduce eye ointments or eye drops intothe therapy.

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