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Keeping legs fat-free, slim and toned has always been a problem for the women. Simply, females are such that they tend to store fat in the bottom half of the body. So, a bit too much extra on hips and waist, legs and butt is not an uncommon sight. If you are already overweight, meaning that you have an obvious (grab a handful and there is at least some leftover would be a good idea of obvious) layer of fat on the waist and stomach, it is likely that you will have too much fat further down. However, some women are interested just in loosing fat on their thighs and legs, while they are fine with that extra above. No problem, here are some advices on how to shed some fat from your legs.Restrictions may apply

It is simple as this: what you eat is used to fuel you, to rebuild you, and excess gets stored as fat for black days. Problem is that these black days don't come around as often as they used to, but we still eat as if they are in tomorrow's forecast. We just eat too much, and probably you as well. Now, obviously, if you plan of loosing some fat, you should eat sufficiently to fuel yourself, but there should be no material to go into fat reserves, and a bit less material for fuel, so that body must start to burn fat reserves. This means that you must reduce amounts of troublesome food that you consume. This means, no more sweets and fizzy drinks of any sort. Go for fat-free dairy products, low fat or lean meats, foods with high percentage of fiber, etc. These foods have all the ingredients your body needs to operate properly, but are low in excess energy that can be stored as fat.

Metabolic oven

Some foods are expensive, but not in a financial way. Energy that they bring in your body when they are digested is lesser than energy you spent to digest them. They take more than they give. That's a neat cheat - burn extra energy by eating. Such foods are known as catabolic foods. These are all sorts of protein foods, such as meats and poultry, egg whites and various beans, and just about all vegetables and fruits. Base your diet on these and do not trouble yourself with counting calories.

Get physical

You don't have to be sporty if it does not cut it for you (although it would really help to exercise). Whenever you use your body, you are exercising it. Are you a couch potato? When was the last time when you walked instead of driving or taking a ride? When did you take your bike out for a spin? Simple things like that will help so much in loosing excess fat.

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