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Kyphosis, or a hunchback, is a type of curvature of the upper back. The condition got its name from the Greek word for a hump – kyphos. Kyphosis is a deformity that can occur as a result of many different factors. In some cases, kyphosis develops as a result of a degenerative disease, such as arthritis. However, it may occur as a developmental problem, as a result of osteoporosis, or trauma. People with postural kyphosis could benefit from simple exercises that are designed to help them strengthen the muscles and improve the posture. There are several exercises to help kyphosis, and all of them will help the patients stand up straight again.

Chest Stretch

This exercise is designed to stretch the chest and pectorial muscles. It is safe to perform since the exerciser has to lie on a mat with the knees bent and hands placed at the base of the skull. The back is secured to the ground, and the shoulder blades and ribs are touching the mat. The exercise starts by gently pressing the elbows towards the floor, feeling a stretch across the front of the chest and under the armpits. Release the elbows and repeat at least five times.

Hamstring stretch

For this exercise, one should obtain a resistance band or some kind of a rope. An old scarf will also work. The exercise helps to stretch the hamstrings and elongates the muscles of the upper leg. This helps to release the tension on the back. The exercise starts with lying on the back with a band warped around one foot. The leg is lifted up 90 degrees from the ground, while the other lies flat on the floor. The exerciser pulls the band and exhales while the foot reaches up. When the tension starts feeling in the upper tight, exerciser takes a rest, holds the position for up to 3 seconds and slowly returns the leg to the ground. Repeat six to eight times with both legs.

Yoga Poses

Simple yoga positions can also help with spinal problems. The most recommended are the locust pose, sphinx, cobra, cat and cow pose and upward-facing dog. Cobra pose starts with lying on the floor and stretching the legs back. The hands are under the shoulders, and elbows are close to the body. On an inhale, the exerciser lifts the chest from the floor while pressing the tailbone toward the pubis and lifting the pubis toward the navel. The exerciser firms the shoulder blades against the neck and lifts through the top of the sternum. The position is held up to 30 seconds.

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