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Chronic fatigue

All people experience tiredness after some strenuousactivity or after a sleepless night. It is not serious since the tiredness disappearsafter a rest or a sleep. On the other side, it is not normal when one suffersfrom constant fatigue without any obvious reasons. Chronic fatigue is a disorder characterized by the continualfatigue, which becomes worse with physical activities. Chronic fatigue does notdisappear after a rest or a sleep. It may also be accompanied by enlarged and painful lymph nodes, lack of concentration, muscle or body ache. Extremeexhaustion and sleep disorders may also be the symptoms that appear in peoplewith chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgicencephalomyelitis includes all the symptoms of the chronic fatigue together. Theexact cause for this condition is not established yet. However, there arecertain conditions that may be the causes for the chronic fatigue, such as anemiaor iron deficiency, depression, stress and weak immune system. In addition tothese potential causes, chronic fatigue may also be induced by hypotension,genetic factors, viral infections and hormonal changes.

Vitamins for chronic fatigue

It is proven that nutritional insufficiency can aggravatethe symptoms of chronic fatigue. Therefore, a healthy diet is very important forthe treatment of chronic fatigue. This healthy diet should include healthyfoods rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers andplenty of water. Furthermore, many experts recommend using nutritional supplementswith the healthy diet in order to cure chronic fatigue successfully.

Vitamin A is considered to be an effectiveanti-stress vitamin. This vitamin is fat soluble and is very important in maintainingthe skin and the mucous membranes in the body healthy. Furthermore, vitamin A helpsthe T-cells, which are involved in the immune system of the body.Vitamin B complex contains 12 vitamin B types. This vitaminB complex is very important for a proper functioning of metabolic processes in the body. Thisvitamin is water soluble and can be easily lost when one consumes unhealthydiet and beverages. Vitamin B6 can boost the immune system to fight against theforeign bodies. Furthermore, women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome shouldtake vitamin B6 in order to relieve the symptoms of this condition.Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin, and it also makes theimmune system strong to fight against many viral and bacterial infections. It also helps those people who suffer from anemia since it helps in the absorptionof iron from foods in the digestive system.

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