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As the problem of the rare bowel movements and of the hardened feces, the blockage of the stool is very common condition, and as such, could be treated, fortunately, with a lot of both, the homemade remedies and the conventionally prescribed medications. It is a frequent symptom of the different gastrointestinal underlying diseases, and, as well, it can be provoker of some more serious disease. In fact, the bad eating habits and the sedentary lifestyle are the most frequent provokers of this problem, and they lead to at last irregular bowel contractions, which, furthermore, have the consequence of the feces becoming vary hardened and hardly or impossible to be expelled through the anus. So, the basis of the successful treatment is in changing the lifestyle right away.

Of course, it is recommendable to heal this problem with the homemade remedies in order to avoid the possible negative following effects the medications could provoke, however, the quickest alleviation from this problem is provided with the intervention by enema.

The intervention with enema

Enema is the most effective cure for this trouble and it is, actually, the intervention of injecting of this liquid directly into the rectum and there are even available the home enema kits in the pharmacies. But, it should be used only with the doctor’s supervision because some following effects may be included. That is why this method is recommended only if the conventional and natural treatment fail to help.

Enema is, actually, the liquid based on the salt and it is administered all the way to the bowel, and it triggers the beneficial process of osmosis (which can be shortly described as the penetration through the cells) in the large intestine. This liquid’s primal function is to flush away the harmful material, but it also makes the feces more watery.

First of all, at least 2dl of water should be drink. The injection is given when the person is in the lying position on the stomach, and the knees bent under the abdomen and chest, so that the anus could be widened. Also, the tubular device must be lubricated previously and placed into the rectum. When the fluid is gone into it, the patient must stay in that position as long as the bowel starts to contract.

Nevertheless, besides the fluid based on the salt, another effective mixtures for this injection are the mixture of the milk and molasses, the fluid based on the mineral oil (which create the protective film in the intestines and thus reduce the friction of the walls and the intestine’s contents), and, the most popular product is the one called Fleet’s Phosphosoda Enema, based on this particular salt, which disables the depletion of the water in the intestines.

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