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Coffee enema is a special procedure that involves injecting coffee into the anus for the purpose of cleansing the rectum and large intestines. This is an alternative medical approach that is officially considered unproven, harsh and potentially dangerous. Coffee enema is used for detoxification purposes and in order to cleanse the colon. The procedure differs from the standard colonic procedures, where the colon is flushed with multiple infusions of water. To the contrary, coffee enema involves infusion of liquid that is allowed to sit for a while in the lower part of the colon. The contents of the colon are later released through the bowel movement, or when a person sits on the toilet.

Benefits of coffee enema

Even though this procedure still remains contradictory, even after it has been very well documented, practitioners believe that ingredients from coffee stimulate the liver and help to flush out the toxins from the body. Most of the healthy individuals use coffee enemas for detoxification and improvement in overall health. However, coffee enema is also beneficial for people suffering from various diseases. Coffee enema is used as an alternative approach in the treatment of cancer. The first investigations of effectiveness of coffee enema were conducted in 1920, by the German scientists. They found this treatment effective for patients suffering from tuberculosis. Unlike the standard Saline enema, typically used for gastro-intestinal tract, coffee enema stimulates the liver and its anti-cancer benefits possibly lie in its ability to detoxify the metabolic products of tumor. The coffee is absorbed into the hemorrhoid vein, from where it travels to the liver by the portal vein.Side-effects

Even though it may be effective, coffee enema is also potentially dangerous. If the coffee is inserted too hot or rapidly, it can cause internal burning or rectal perforation. A number of cases of death have also been reported. Coffee enema is also known to cause infections, colitis, end severe electrolyte imbalance. How is it made?

To make a coffee enema one should grind eight spoonfuls of organic coffee and put it in a French press pot or a drip coffee maker with organic coffee filters. One should pour the water and let it steep and cool for one hour. The liquid should be lukewarm, around the body temperature. The liquid is poured into the enema bag without the coffee grounds. A reusable enema kit can be obtained at most pharmacies. Most of them are disposable but you can also clean them and use for a couple of times.

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