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This block is also called second-degree atrioventricular block and this problem is associated with irregularities of the heart's electrical conduction system. Basically, heart rate is slower or irregular if this condition is present. If you have a need for colon wash or constipation, you may need enema and we will tell you how to do this procedure. The anus is the locations where fluid is injected. Lower intestines have many waste materials, you have to remove them and you can do this with enema. The waste will be immediately expelled since enema creates the need for the lower intestine expansion. Clean colon will be a result of enema. This is a very safe procedure, but only if done properly. We will give you information about the procedure in question so that you can do it without any risk and danger.

Enema Types

There are several types of enema, but they all follow similar procedure. They all include fluid injection, but some have small differences. Lubrication fluids are injected in some cases. They are administered before the fluid and the most popular are olive oil and coconut oil. Aggravation may be caused by those with drugs or alcohol, so we do not advise their use. The most popular types of enema are Aloe Vera enema, vinegar enema, mineral and glycerin enema, salt-water enema, Garlic Epsom salt enema, lemon juice enema, yogurt enema, and coffee enema.


For the procedure, you will need a tube with clamps, nozzle, appropriate enema solution, enema bag and some other supplies. The procedure can be performed once the needed items are acquired. With bleach or disinfectant you can sterilize the enema set. Rinsing after the sterilization is needed if you have used bleached and remember that each new procedure requires new enema bag. The bag's bottom nozzle then needs to be connected with the tube's end. Then insert enema solution and close the clamp. The enema solution should be left to flow by opening the clamp. After this the enema needs to be placed near the anus, we advise 1 ft distance. The nozzle should be lubricated with the use of lubrication fluid. Then you should lie in the following position: with the knees close to your chest lie down on the side of back. The nozzle should be inserted then, after which the clamp should be turned and this releases the fluid. This will fill up colon and rectum with the enema solution and it may cause some discomfort due to the gas release. If this happens, put the bag in lower position. The better result may require new procedure, but remember that the procedure cannot last less than 2 minutes. Clean fluid should be seen after the enema procedure.

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