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Bile is dense and sticky yellowish liquid which is produced in the liver and its function is to help the process of digestion of the fats. In fact, during the eating session, this liquid is transported to the gallbladder, and from there, the salts of it pass on to the intestines, so that they could ease the digestion. When this cycle is over, the bile is processed again, in order to help the next session of the digestion.

Nevertheless, when a person from some reason undergoes the surgical intervention of the removal of the gallbladder, the liver is forced to create the increased amount of the bile salts in order to compensate the loss. Additionally, without the gallbladder, the salts have no place to accumulate, so, naturally, they are expelled through the intestines, along with the stool. Also, this fluid has some tendency to produce more frequent bowel movements and to make the feces more watery, and that is why this condition results in the diarrhea with bile.

The following troubles of this condition, besides the bland stool mixed with this sticky mucus are the urge for expelling the stool right away after eating, and the problem is of rather chronic character.

How to deal with it?

As far as the treatment is concerned, the specialist will determine whether there is the case of the bile diarrhea or not by examining the stool and blood, in order to include into the treatment or eliminate from it some other condition as the provoker, if there is any. Of course, the description of the previous disease history is of the crucial importance, especially in the case of the surgical procedure mentioned above. Also, there are the cases when the inner membrane of the colon should be inspected because of the possible inflammatory process or a malignant tumor inside it.

Unfortunately, this health problem cannot be healed completely, but the indicators and the following troubles of it could be significantly lessened. Since the biggest problem is the one of having to expel the feces immediately, it should be dealt with right away. So, in order to treat this particular problem, the new absorption of the used salts from the intestines should be stopped. The best drug, concerning this matter, is the Cholestyramine resin, and it actually lowers the level of the cholesterol in the blood and thus encloses the bile salts in the large intestines. But, one must be careful when using this drug, since it also interferes with the metabolism and absorption of the basic nutrients, and that is why usually some multivitamin supplement is prescribed along.

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