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Although often realized as the trouble which is the inevitable consequence of the other gastrointestinal problems, constipation itself can be very common nowadays, especially, if we are aware of the unhealthy lifestyles most of the people used to lead. Nevertheless, one should not allow the constipation to become the chronic health problem because, in that case, it is very difficult to be treated. But, fortunately, there are a lot of products on the market, either natural or synthetic, which can provide a significant relief from this problem or which can cure it completely.

So, as medically referred to, constipation is actually the excessively delayed or blocked passage of the stool, and that is because the feces is very hardened and dry. That sounds rather simple, but, when constipated, the person feels inflated, and the contractions of the bowel could be very painful. Some of the usual consequences of this problem are the apparition of the dilated veins in the anus and rectum, called haemorrhoids, which are very uncomfortable complications.

Causes and the natural treatment

The most common cause of the constipation problem is the lack of water in the organism, since the feces becomes hard when the intake of water isn’t enough or if a lot of water is extracted in the process of the digestion. So, naturally, the first thing that should be done, in order to provide the immediate help to the appropriate working of the gastrointestinal system, is to drink enough water. Of course, there are the other provokers which can lead to this problem, and some of the most common are leading a sedentary lifestyle, postponing abnormally the moment of ejecting the feces, the syndrome of ‘’having a lazy colon’’, the ruptures in the colon, the allergic reactions to certain foods, and even some neurological problems and emotional stress.

However, constipation can be the response to some medications and most commonly to the excessive use of the drugs which are prescribed to deal with this problem, ironically. So, consequently, the best way to get rid of the hardened stool is to use the naturally made remedies. Besides drinking more liquids, eating the foods that are rich in fibers is also recommendable. But, with the increased intake of the fibers in the form of the supplements (e.g. Irritable Bowel Fiber, the simple magnesium or psyllium hulls), one should drink even more fluids. However, in the more complicated cases, the combination of the vitamin C and the supplement called Chitosan, is very effective.

The diet, besides a lot of whole grains, veggies and fruits, must be consisted of the prunes in the dry form, and, of course, one must stay away from the refined sugars and the fast food. Additionally, having regular workouts will have very beneficial effect on the healthy digestion and metabolism.

Anyway, there are the other solutions which can help with this problem, such as the irrigation with the colonic, or taking the probiotics. And, as far as the herbs are concerned, very beneficial are peppermint, turkey rhubarb and casgara segrada, and they are very effective in the treatment of the constipation.

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