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Unhealthy and Hard to Give Up

It is no secret that people who smoke cigarettes or people who are always around to inhale the smoke passively all risk their health greatly. Therefore, quitting this nasty habit will most certainly work well for both active and passive smokers. However, it is not easy to quit something you are addicted to, bearing in mind that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. In order to find an adequate solution for this problem, people have invented numerous alternatives like herbal cigarettes, nicotine patches and numerous others. Unfortunately, these alternatives have shown themselves to be even more harmful than the cigarettes themselves. Thus, passionate smokers find themselves in a blind alley, with no possible way out. Nevertheless, there are numerous other alternatives which might work and help people quit smoking. If persistent, a smoker can quickly become an ex-smoker, simply by exchanging cigarettes for some of the following alternatives.

Healthy Alternatives to Cigarettes

Numerous smokers smoke mainly for psychological reasons. Namely, they believe that cigarettes make them more calm and help them concentrate during their daily functions. They enjoy the feeling that something is in their mouth, keeping it busy while their mind concentrates on something else. Subsequently, sugar free chewing gums may serve as an excellent alternative. You can always have something to chew and move around your mouth, making bubbles when you are enjoying your leisure time. Additionally, you will have acidic oral balance and healthy gums as well as teeth. Fair trade, most certainly. Alternatively, many sought refuge in flavored toothpicks and found it. Remarkably, these tasty wooden toothpicks hold their flavor for hours, keeping your mouth busy and healthy, and making you happy and relaxed.

For those who depend on the look and feel of cigarettes may be happy to know that there are healthy alternatives looking that way too. Artificial cigarettes look and feel the same as real ones, with the exception of being mint flavored. Mint is a well known herb known to relax people while inhaling its scent, therefore an excellent substitute for the terribly smelling cigarettes. With long lasting flavor and proven efficiency, these may certainly be of great assistance.

Some smokers claim that cigarettes make them happy and therefore they cannot quit. Researches have shown that nicotine triggers dopamine in our brains making us feel joyful. Therefore, all you need is a healthy alternative with the same effect. Dark chocolate has an identical effect, while being incomparably better for you. Thus, keep a bar of dark chocolate always with you and break the nicotine addiction with the wonderful taste of this sweet.

Finally, you might find a physical activity which can help you leave cigarettes behind you. Yoga, running, certain sports and many other things can fill in the empty spot where the cigarettes were in your life. Of course, by being active everyday, you will be happier and incomparably more healthy, making this more than an adequate alternative to the life-ruining addiction.

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