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Smoking Kills

There are people who believe that, once you choose smoking cigars or hookahs over cigarettes you are preserving your health and avoiding all the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco in general. This is grounded upon the belief that the smoke is purified through water with hookahs and that cigar smoking does not include inhaling, being thereby less damaging to your health.

Unfortunately, those who agree with the above mentioned claims are not correct. Not one tobacco product is healthy, regardless of its type, way of smoking or consuming it. In order to shed some light onto this subject and display all the harmful effects of cigar smoking, read the lines below with extra caution since, if you are a smoker, your life may depend on it.

Is Inhaling Cigar Smoke Bad?

We know that inhaling smoke from a cigar is not recommended. This is so for a reason. Namely, cigar tobacco undergoes a process of fermentation where all the carcinogenic materials become present in the surface of the plant. Therefore, while cigarettes do not have these harmful materials, cigars do, and these are activated during inhalation and the very process of smoking. This is why inhaling cigar smoke might be more dangerous than inhaling that coming from cigarettes burning. Additionally, cigars have less porous wrappers, thereby delivering more toxins to your body, through inhaling of the smoke.

The list continues, however. If we are to consider the size of the cigar, we can notice that it is much larger than a cigarette. Thus, it contains more tobacco, which results in more smoke, which leads to more toxins and health danger at the same time.

You may inhale the cigar smoke or not. Nevertheless, your lips, mouth, tongue, throat as well as your larynx are bound to get exposed to the harmful substances. This can easily make you suffer from lung cancer, coronary heart disease or lung diseases. The substances from the smoke, even when you only keep it in your mouth and do not inhale it, continue to contain harmful substances which later, through swallowing, reach other parts of your body. As for the nicotine, a cigar has all the nicotine values worthy of a pack of cigarettes.

All in all, you are best not to ponder over the harmful effects of different tobacco products, but to quit smoking altogether since none of the ways of smoking are even close to being healthy.

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