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When having in mind that tendonitis is a conditioncharacterized by either inflammation or irritation of the tendon, it is easy toconclude that in cases of elbow tendonitis, the muscle tendons that are relatedto the elbow joint are inflamed or irritated. The fact is that the condition inquestion is usually not serious, although the symptoms, pain and tenderness,can be quite difficult to bear. What usually causes this problem in the firstplace is either some injury or repetitive movements that are typical of certain jobs orhobbies. The treatment rarely requires anything else except the pain relievers,although in cases in which an infection of some kind is present, some othermedications need to be used as well. However, regardless of the medication, thefact is that some exercises can also help significantly in relieving thesymptoms and speeding up the recovery process.

Exercises that help

It is important to know that the goals of these exercises areto strengthen the muscles in question and improve their flexibility, as well asto improve the range of motion of the affected joints and muscles. These goals areall related, since by increasing their flexibility, their ability to stretchwithout irritation as a consequence will also be increased.

Forearm extensor stretch is helpful in cases of tenniselbow, and it is done in a standing position with a hand in front of the body.Then the wrist needs to be bent in a way that the fingers will be pointingdown. After this, the palm should be pushed gently towards the body withanother hand and the duration of this exercise should be approximately 40seconds.Arm stretch is also helpful for those who have this kind of problemwith their elbow, and all that it requires is to stand in front of the wall atapproximately the length of the arm, and press the hand against the wall, with the back of the hand on the wall and fingers pointing down.Hand squeeze is done with the help of the tennis ball andit consists of squeezing it firmly and holding that position for three seconds.This should be repeated until the muscles become tired, but it is necessary tomake sure that no pain is felt or induced.Wrist curls are effective for making the wrists, hands andforearms stronger, and to do them, it is necessary to lay the back of theforearm on some flat surface such as a desk, for example, while the hand hangs overthe edge. The wrist needs to be curled up and down, while the palm is faced upall the time.

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