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Tennis elbow is also referred to as lateral epicondylitis. People who have a pain in their elbow are most of the time diagnosed with tennis elbow. Unfortunately, the cause for tennis elbow is still an unknown mystery. Some medical professionals have suggested that tennis elbow is due to the tendons in the forearms that are attached to the bone in the joint of the elbow get small tears in them thus causing the pain. The extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle in the forearm is the muscle that assists in the wrist moving back is thought to also contribute to the indications of tennis elbow.

The Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can be extremely painful for the host, they usually complain about having pain over the exterior of the elbow and pain when trying to lift objects, they also have said to feel the pain radiating downward on the forearm. The feeling of the pain of tennis elbow is not a sudden onset, more like a gradual arrival however some patients have claimed to experience the pain quite suddenly.

Who Gets Tennis Elbow

The majority of people who have symptoms of a tennis elbow are between the ages of thirty five and sixty five and it is not discriminate towards either sex. It does however affect approximately seventy five percent of peoples leading arm and is most frequently put into two separate collections of individuals. Which are the manual laborers of the world that means the people who have jobs like painters, gardeners, plumbers and carpenters because these are the people who tend to use their arms and hands a lot. The second group of people are those who participate in sporting activities like racquet players. Approximately over a third of people who participate in the game of tennis frequently will inevitably suffer with tennis elbow coupled with people who play sports such as golf and fencing.

Tests to Diagnose Tennis Elbow

It is quite normal to have an x ray if your doctor thinks you have tennis elbow, if there are some rare occasions where there is bewilderment to the diagnosis then the doctor may want to perform an EMG because the symptoms of tennis elbow are similar to the symptoms for instability of the joint, elbow arthritis, and radial tunnel syndrome.Treatment of Tennis Elbow

As with most conditions, the treatment of tennis elbow will start gradually and build up until relief is found. Usually surgery is not required. Simply just a lifestyle modification will suffice.

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