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Elbow Pain

This kind of pain is caused by the inflamed tendons in the bone of the upper arm. There are many people who suffer from the pain in the elbow, which is also called tennis elbow. Entire human body is full of tendons, which are connective tissues connecting bones and muscles. The condition of inflamed tendons in a person`s body is called tendonitis. People who suffer from tendonitis may experience severe pain in the affected area of the body. Elbow tendonitis in particular, is the inflammation of the tendons that are connected to the outside of the elbow, and it is followed by the soreness of the outer part of the elbow. There are various causes of the elbow tendonitis and you should find the right reason in order to be able to treat it properly. Some of the possible causes include aging, genetic abnormalities, insufficient amount of vitamins, injury, exercising, moving the elbow for long period of time, etc.

Almost 50 % of the tennis players suffer from elbow tendonitis sooner or later and they usually experience the pain that radiates to the forearm and even to the hand sometimes. The pain felt in the elbow area can be very uncomfortable since it may create the inability to hold or grasp objects. People who suffer from elbow tendonitis may have a feeling of weakness or experience burning and severe sensation around the area of the elbow.


Many treatments can help you in curing the affected area of the elbow. The whole process of treatment of the elbow tendonitis may take up to six weeks. It is necessary to reduce the swelling and inflammation in order to relieve the pain. You can use various medications prescribed by a doctor to relive the pain. However, you may be asked to take ultrasound test, MRI or X-ray to find the exact affected area. You may be given some medications that reduce the stiffness of the tissues in the elbow and sometimes even steroid injections are used to strengthen the affected area. Some people may need to use braces to control movement, and, in some cases, the surgery is inevitable.

If you think you can handle the situation yourself, you can use the elbow tendonitis treatment called R.I.C.E. This term is short of rest, ice, compression and elevation and this treatment suggests that you should rest your elbow as much as you can and try not to strain it. You should apply the ice pack to the affected area for about 15 minutes, and you can repeat applying it couple of times a day. The next suggestion is to wrap the elbow with the bandage and then elevate it to reduce swelling and the pain in the elbow. To reduce pain in the elbow you can also try doing some stretching exercises with worming up previously, or using a massage therapy.

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