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As long as the tendonitis in your shoulder is found at its early stages then is can be treated and even cured. One of the methods to treat the tendonitis is by doing the specific shoulder exercises.

Tendonitis in the Shoulder

When a tendon becomes swollen or inflamed it can be called tendonitis. The tendons are what attach the bones to the muscles, they are made from strings of sturdy, fibrous connective tissue. The tendon should have the ability to move smoothly, however, if for whatever reason this tendon is impaired then it can cause swelling. When this happens to the rotator cuff it is known as shoulder tendonitis. In the rotator cuff there are four sets of tendons and muscles, which make a cap that covers the humerus. This particular cuff links the arm and the shoulder together hence the name joint. Obviously when the shoulder tendonitis occurs then movement, that is usually allowed, is prevented. It is not a condition that happens overnight, it is caused by a repetitive action that is irritating, such as the lifting of things that are too heavy.

Exercises for Shoulder Tendonitis Number One

It is advised that if you suspect you have shoulder tendonitis you should speak with your doctor who will examine the area prior to you doing any form of shoulder exercises. The initial exercise involves you stretching your arms and your shoulders. Firstly you need to allow your arms to hang down by your sides and slightly bend over from your waist. After a few seconds you can start to slowly swing your arms but it is important to remember to keep your muscles relaxed at all times throughout this exercise. Now in the next part of the exercise you will need to slowly lift your arms over the course of three seconds and then lower them over the course of six seconds. This can be done over and over again until you get tired.

Exercises for Shoulder Tendonitis Number Two

This exercise will mean that you need to lie down on your bed. Relax yourself fully and put one arm out to your side at the same level as your shoulder. Now you can curve from your elbow to a ninety degree angle so that your hand is facing down towards your feet. Now slowly raise your hand whilst keeping the elbow in contact with the bed and the hand can come up to the level of your shoulder.

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