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Our Well-known, Helpful, HarmfulBeverage

Coffee has been an essential part oflife of many people who cannot imagine the onset of their day withoutit. These people cherish the awakening effect coffee has on theirpsyche and the boost it provides to their concentration. However,lately, there have been more and more researches considering coffeeconsumption a bad thing for your health. Also, there are thosestatistics and information standing behind the fact that coffee isboth good and bad for you, accepting its healthy sides as well. Allin all, there are different opinions regarding this beverage and theyvary from one person to another, regardless if they are coffeedrinkers or not.

Facts about Coffee

Normally, a regular consumption of onecup of coffee a day would not be able to cause any significantproblems to your health. However, getting used to drinking coffee atthe same time each day is likely to cause an addiction, making ithard or even impossible for one to break the habit. Thereby, if youhappen to miss your daily dosage of caffeine, you might experienceheadaches, nausea, nervousness or other withdrawal symptoms thissubstance is known to cause once your coffee addiction is notsatisfied.

What is more, drinking coffee regularlyinterferes with your sleeping pattern, causing you to indulge intodeep sleep far less than normally. So, consequently, you will betired and stressed, finding refuge in coffee anew, incapable ofbreaking out of the vicious cycle.

Additionally, coffee causes you tourinate more often while drinking less water. This may lead todehydration, in the long run.

Probably, the most endangered coffeeconsumers are those who work night shifts. Namely, they drink coffeeso as to stay awake. Then, during the day, when they are supposed tobe sleeping, they cannot, due to the awaking effect of this beverage.Prolonged period of this occurrence leads to sleep deprivation andcomplete physical and mental exhaustion.

Also, people with lower body weight aswell as those suffering from some anxiety disorders or panic attacks,are not recommended to drink coffee since they might suffer from morenegative side-effects. Coffee may interfere with their medicationstoo, only making things worse. People with stomach diseases orconditions can suffer from many unwanted effects of caffeine as well.

Finally, mild symptoms of coffeeconsumption may express themselves through light insomnia, increasedheart rate and levels of sugar in your blood, along with headachesand restlessness. Moreover, you might experience concentration andstomach problems. The worst case scenarios involve heartbeatirregularities, complete lack of sleep, depression and panic attacks.

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