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Sugar addiction may lead to various harmful conditions suchas diabetes and weight gain. Excessive amounts of sugar can lead to diabetes andmay cause the person to become obese. Many people, including those alreadysuffering from diabetes, search for solutions to sugar addiction. Sometimes the best way to solve them is simply to have the will to maintain a much healthierlifestyle.

Sweeteners that can be absorbed quickly raise the levels ofsugar in blood and by doing so they cause the increase of insulin amountsreleased from the pancreas. This leads to a constantly growing urge for the sugar high.

There are various species of herbs that can help with sugaraddiction, but one cannot grow them in the garden and they must be obtained fromreputable sources.

Licorice root has anti-inflammatory properties, is extremelysweet, and is usually consumed as a beverage or as a powder sweetener in orderto satisfy extreme sugar cravings. Sometimes it can trigger unwanted bowelmovements so one should take care when consuming it. Licorice is also verybeneficial in helping the liver in balancing the hormones and enhancing thefunctioning of the immune system. Licorice possesses adaptogen properties so it isvery efficient in enhancing the beneficial effects of other herbs.

Another herb with the adaptogen properties ia Ashwaganda rootand it is most commonly used as a sedative or a tonic. It is also very efficient inrelieving various stressful conditions. Ashwaganda is also very efficient inregulating and nourishing all process associated with the metabolism. It is verysafe so even large quantities can be used over shorter periods of time.Astragalus root is another herb with highly beneficial properties concerningsugar addiction and besides those it is an good tonic and very good inbuilding stamina over time.

Ginseng root is widely known as the best herb for staminaand it also stabilizes levels of energy in the body. Another important benefitof ginseng is that it positively affects the high levels of sugar in the blood.It usually comes in capsules filled with powder and requires up to three monthsfor its effects to kick in.

Besides many herbs that have proven to be helpful with sugaraddiction there are also minerals like chromium that successfully regulate andreduce the levels of glucose in the blood. Vitamin B6 is also of great help inreducing the craving for sugar, and it is most beneficial if taken in largeramounts over a shorter period of time. Sweet Cicely is a good substitute forsugar used for cooking.

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