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Symptoms of drug addiction

Drug abuse is a terrible illness, gradually getting more and more present in our society and the human population in general. Addiction may be established to either certain medications or substances referred to as “street drugs”, taken intravenously or nasally. Addiction is formed when a consumer of the drug finds him or herself unable to live and function without that certain drug.

 The process is gradual. Namely, first, only occasional drug consumption, mainly for fun and excitement of the process itself is required from the drug user. In time the dose increases, since the previous ones lose effect. Finally, one is ready to do anything in order to be able to purchase and consume the drug since one feels that he or she cannot function correctly without the drug and that the only “regular” state, where everything seems to make sense and feel right is under the influence of it. These cases present drug addiction in its fullest, being a very hard condition to remedy and reverse, often involving many people including doctors, family and friends of the drug abuser as well as extreme efforts and resolve of the addict in order to fight away the addiction.

Symptoms are mostly connected with the previously mentioned situations. Uneasiness when “off” the drug or when the effect of it is fading, necessity of having and getting the drug in order to consume it, regardless of the fact that, in order to get it, one may have to lie, steal or even hurt somebody, all creates these unnatural symptoms of a person being “hooked” on drugs.

The most vulnerable class of drug abusers are children or adolescents. Parents or caretakers must be able to see any sudden changes of their children regarding school problems and mark declines, solitary preference of the child, isolation and secrecy as well as gradual absence of the child’s belongings, and act promptly in order to prevent it.

There are many drugs out there that may cause one’s addiction, ranging from those more mild to those quite severe. Marijuana is the least addictive, although the THC element in it is known to be heavily addictive. The list ranges through many psychoactive substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine and other stimulants, substances known as “club drugs” which involve ecstasy and many other pill-like drugs, hallucinogens like LSD, narcotic painkillers based on opium or some addiction rising chemicals. The list can practically go endless, as well as different symptoms and manifestations of different drugs,

In order to notice and help their loved ones, one is best to get informed about these addictive drugs and see the symptoms as they occur thus being able to act promptly and prevent addiction, overdose or even death of the people close to him or her.

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