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One of the Hardest Battles One CanFight

Alcohol and drug addictions often ruinthe best in people. Most people addicted to these substances failin the quitting and end up with some terminal diseases destroying theirorganisms and leading to their deaths. However, many who get admittedto rehabilitation centers do stand a chance. These facilities haveseveral different functions and goals. Initially, these are to cleanthe patient's body from the harmful toxins he or she has beenexposed to. Therefore, as soon as one walks in the rehabilitationcenter, he or she is absolutely forbidden to get in contact with thedrug or alcoholic beverage in question. Once the detoxification iscomplete, the treatment starts. The patient needs to endure all thewithdrawal symptoms. During this fight, he or she needs to remainstrong-willed, positive and to desire a life without alcohol anddrugs. Even though many people manage to endure this complete processand get released from these rehabilitation facilities as healthypeople, it is then when the real fight takes place. Namely, alarge majority of people who undergo rehabilitation processes returnto their addictions as soon as they leave the building. This is whythe greatest step needs to be taken by the patient him/herself. Also,this is why psychotherapy is a crucial part of the recovery processas well.

What Makes One an Addict?

One of the main factors is consideredto be genetics. People who had a history of drug or alcohol abuse intheir families are more likely to become addicts themselves too.However, this does not exclude people who did not have these sorts ofaddictions in present in their family; it only makes their percentagesmaller.

Another great factor is the influenceof the environment. People who live near those who indulge intoalcohol and drugs easily become parts of these groups themselves. Theattitude of these social groups influences the mind of those who areparts of it. Therefore, an addict's mind is shaped by the group ofaddicts he or she belongs to. Thus, people who return to such environmentsafter enduring rehabilitation are likely to get in contact with drugsand alcohol again.

What Can Be Done to Stop This?

In order to remain strong even when outof the rehabilitation facility, you need to stay away from drugs andalcohol completely. If you experience any problems or need any kindof additional guidance, you can visit your facility once again andseek help. Also, you may look into numerous different programsdealing with the exact situation you might be in.

Another important thing is staying incontact with people who are enduring the same thing you are.Therefore, becoming a member if a AA or NA group and visiting theirdaily meetings, opening yourself to people, can be incrediblyhelpful.

Finally, taking up yoga or meditation,or finding refuge and strength in music or acupuncture treatments, aswell as many other different methods, can help you greatly. Thesewill strengthen you both physically and mentally.

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