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A Word on Hair Loss in General

Hairloss in men and women may be caused by a wide variety of differentfactors. This article discusses the most common amongst those.

Hair loss due tohormonal issues?

Hormonalissues are a frequent cause of hair loss. This is most often theresult of the thyroid glands becoming overactive or even under-active.This is why there are hair products which are designed to balance outthe hormonal levels. Before treatment may begin, the hair losstriggers must be clearly identified so that the patient knows he orshe is using the appropriate type.

Apartfrom the mentioned, other hormonal imbalances which may trigger hairloss, amongst a number of other physical changes, could include:changes concerning the person's androgens and estrogens.

Hair loss due to drugeffects?

Hairloss is also quite a common side-effect which occurs upon certaintypes of illnesses and types of surgical procedures.

Thisis a reaction which is most likely triggered by the chemicalcomposition of drug treatments which are used for treating certainillnesses (such as chemotherapy in treating cancer, etc.).

Onthe other hand, hair loss may also occur as a reaction which iscaused by the stress and the anxiety the patient feels concerning hisor her current difficult condition, and this is why being one hundredpercent sure about the causes of hair loss is absolutely critical tolater on treatments.

Anumber of different drugs (such as anticoagulants) are known totrigger hair loss, but also chemotherapy, excess of vitamin A intakesand so forth.

Thefollowing is an explained list of the most common of hair lossdiseases and conditions...

Toxicalopecia is a temporary infection of the scalp. It may be caused by anumber of diseases such as syphilis, diabetes, hormonal or digestionproblems. It may also be caused by mineral and vitamin deficiencies(and it is especially true of vitamin A deficiency). This is one of themost brutal hair problems known today, and this infectious diseasemay last to up to four months.

Nextin line: male hair loss and scarring alopecia. This is a variation ofthe above mentioned. In this case the scalp tissue comes inflamedand, furthermore, begins to decompose. Amongst the causes of thisdisease would be: physical trauma, burns, injuries and prolongedx-ray exposure. In this case, hair re-growth shouldn't be expectedwithout medical intervention.

Thirdly,alopecia areata. This infection has rapid effects and is capable ofproducing sudden male hair loss. Treatment may be unnecessary as thehair growth process may be triggered all on its own.

Andlastly, trichotillomania.This condition is psychologically induced. Namely, it is the habit ofpulling out hair, and is thus left undiagnosed. It usually startsduring childhood and only gets worse as the person grows, in turncausing severe hair loss.

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