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Crash Diets for Men

Some of the most popular fad diets as of late have been crash diets, which are quick and extreme methods of cutting down on food intake in order to lose a significant amount of weight in a quick period of time.

In any case, crash diets are more effective and safer than taking diet pills. It is important to remember that a crash diet will only show temporary effects if it is not followed up with long-term healthy changes in the diet.

In any crash diet that is going to be effective, there should be absolutely no carbohydrates consumed.

In order to see the best results, it is also important to include a workout and exercise regiment in the diet as well. There are some simple and effective crash diets that men can use to lose weight quickly, however.

Fruits and Vegetables

The most important thing that needs to be done in any crash diet is to replace fatty foods with foods that contain a lot of vitamins and proteins. A crash diet that focuses solely on fruits and vegetables happens to be one of the most effective kinds.

Fruits, as we all know, are very rich in vitamins and therefore need to be consumed regularly. Eating two apples every day is a good start.

Other fruits that should be included in the diet include citrus fruits such as oranges, but also grapes, strawberries and melons. All of these will help with weight loss as well.

A good idea for breakfast is to have one glass of skimmed milk and the white part of an egg. It is also important not to snack in between meals, because that ruins the entire purpose of the crash diet.

Some good vegetables to be eaten in such diet plans include cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers and onions.

There are foods that should also be avoided like the plague when dieting. These include foods that are very high in starch and carbohydrates such as potatoes, beans and rice.

One serving of chicken for dinner is a good idea for dieting programs. Fish is also a good idea and should be eaten for dinner at least twice every week.

When preparing these meats, however, it is important not to use to much cooking oil and spices. It is best to cook them with olive oil.

This is the best way to not only control the intake of calories, but to also start losing weight gradually.


Another good idea during crash dieting is to drink a lot of water and juices. Of course the juices should be un-sweetened. The best juices are squeezed naturally and consumed immediately so that the vitamin intake is at its highest possible amount, because the longer the juice sits, the less vitamins will be in it when consumed.

It is also a good idea to drink a warm glass of water with lemon juice and some honey on an empty stomach in the morning.

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