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The recovery after a surgical procedure that involved the jaw, the mouth and throat and the gastrointestinal tract usually includes certain dietary changes. Those changes mostly consist of eating soft foods instead of hard and chewy ones. Soft foods are either liquid or they are well-cooked or baked, mashed or processed in a blender. The purpose of this diet is to avoid damage to the operated parts of the body.

People usually do not have a lot of appetite after surgeries, especially if they involved the oral cavity and the digestive tract. However, it is vital to eat because without the food the body will not have the strength it needs to recover. This is why it is so important to follow the guidelines provided by the doctors regarding the recovery period and to eat well, as long as the food is soft.

Here are some suggestions for meals consisting of soft foods.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and according to most experts, it is the most important meal. In the soft food diet, it can consist of yogurt, plain or flavored, possibly mixed with mashed fruit like peaches, bananas and berries. Scrambled eggs, jelly, pudding and white bread with no crust are also allowed. As for the breakfast cereals, they are allowed as long as they are very soft, not the chunky kind.

Lunch and dinner

Mashed potatoes, preferably made with real potatoes and not the instant potato flakes, make a great lunch because they are very soft and they fill the stomach up. Mashed potatoes do not have to be plain, they can be seasoned and flavored with sour cream, finely chopped hives or parsley, gravy or grated cheese. Cottage cheese is also recommended. Soups are a great lunch or dinner option for those who are advised to eat soft foods. They should be clear, but some meat or vegetables can be added, as long as they are finely chopped and blended in. Boiled and mashed vegetables and soft rice are highly nutritious and suitable for people who are recovering after a surgery.

Desserts and snacks

As for the desserts and snacks, the choice is very wide. It is allowed to eat ice cream, milkshake, pudding, jelly, cheesecake, custard, soft and fluffy cakes and similar. As for the fruit, ripe bananas can be eaten, along with baked apples, cherries, cooked plums, apricots and peaches. Basically anything that is soft enough to be swallowed without chewing is allowed during the recovery after a surgery.

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