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Dry patches affecting the skin may be a problem for people who generally suffer from dry skin and are not related to any underlying medical condition On the other hand, dry skin patches may actually represent a sign of a skin disorder, or be a characteristic of some systemic disease. The approach towards the problem is quite different because underlying medical conditions must be properly treated while problems with dry skin can be easily brought under control with some home remedies.

Dry patches may vary in size, shape, number as well as their distribution. These characteristics can be of additional help when establishing the diagnosis of the condition and opting for the most suitable treatment option.Dry Skin Patches Causes

In many cases a person simply suffers from dry skin and is prone to formation of dry patches. These individuals are susceptible to dehydration, may have issues with production of sebum or do not eat food containing sufficient amounts of all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that give the skin healthy appearance. The problem may also be associated with the use of harsh cosmetic products, soaps and shower gels as well as inadequate moisturizing of the skin.

Furthermore, dry skin patches are characteristic for a variety of skin conditions including infections (bacterial or fungal), allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis etc.

Finally, dry skin is typically reported to occur in older individuals and elderly people and is associated with the process of aging. So, these people may be more prone to dry skin patches than people of younger age groups.

Dry Skin Patches Treatment

Before starting with any medication, topical or oral the person should consult a health care provider and identify the underlying cause of dry patches.

Fortunately, most people may control dryness of the skin and patches formation with some home remedies and by maintaining healthy habits.

First of all, the skin should be kept well hydrated. This is achieved with intake of plenty of water throughout the day. Also, one may significantly benefit from fruit and vegetable juices consumed on a daily basis. These contain water as well as many different vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the skin.

Additional skin care includes moisturizing the skin at least three times per day as well as reduction, if not complete cessation, of use of harsh soaps and other such cosmetic products. Dry skin becomes even drier if exposed to sun. This is why, sunbathing is not recommended at all. Finally, the old skin cells, those located superficially and the ones blamed for dry skin appearance may be removed with regular exfoliation.

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