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Many factors can possibly lead to dry skin affecting certain parts of our body. Namely, dry skin may stem from environmental factors such as abrupt changes in temperature, which can be either extremely cold or extremely hot, depriving the skin of its moisture. Alternatively, as we age, our skin loses the ability to remain properly hydrated and produce enough oil to protect itself. So, all these states of affairs result in dry, chapped hands, lips, face and other parts of our skin-covered body.

Causes and Symptoms behind Dry Skin

As far as the skin on our hands is concerned, we are talking about the portion of skin being most exposed to environmental factors. Therefore, excessive rinsing of hands is bound to result in dryness, along with exposure of the skin in these areas to excessive cold or warmth. Once the skin on the hands becomes dry, it becomes prone to cracking and irritation.

Some of the main signs of dry skin on the hands are redness, cracking, roughness, tenderness and pain. Thus, upon witnessing these signs repeatedly, seek medical advice or try some of the following steps for preventing and treating dry skin. Ignoring the problem may result in infections or worsening of this problem. Therefore, you are advised to react timely.

Treatment for Dry Hands

Once your hands become excessively dry, stop exposing them to water without a necessity. Wash your hands properly whenever you should, but keep the frequency of exposure to a minimum.

When you wash your hands, make sure you expose the palms to the water, keeping other parts of the skin well protected. The skin on the back of the hands is much more susceptible to excessive dryness, so make sure you avoid exposing it to strong splashes of water directly.

Of course, in order to wash those hands properly, you will need soaps which contain creams. Soaps with perfumes are known to dehydrate the skin even further, being a bad choice for your purposes. Alternatively, you can use bath oils for washing your hands, keeping them well moisturized.

Speaking of moisturizing, you can surely benefit from moisturizers themselves. Massage these cosmetic products into the surface of the skin or use petroleum jelly instead, placing gloves over the hands overnight.

Finally, if all these steps prove to be insufficient, seek medical assistance as soon as possible since there might be a chance that an underlying health condition is triggering your dry, chapped hands symptoms.

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