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The skin of the feet is particularly prone to dryness. Dry feet are a very common problem and it usually does not represent anything more than a cosmetic issue. However, severe dryness can lead to skin damage, such as cracked skin and possibly infections.

Causes of dry feet

There are many possible causes of dry feet. One of them is age. With age, the skin of the entire body loses its natural moisture and elasticity, becomes dry, dull and lifeless. These changes are particularly noticeable on feet.

Skin of the feet may also become dry in hot and dry climates or due to exposure to indoor heating or cooling systems. Going barefoot or wearing flip-flops and sandals is another risk factor for dry feet, as the skin is exposed to dirt and dust.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions, especially skin conditions, may also lead to dry feet. For example, eczema, dermatitis and other skin issues list dryness as one of the symptoms.

While the skin of the entire feet may become dry due to various reasons, it is the part around the heel and under the toes that is most likely to suffer from this problem. Combined with friction from footwear, dry skin eventually leads to skin hardening and calluses, which can be quite difficult to repair.

Solutions for dry feet

Feet need special care, especially during seasons with harsh weather. They need to be protected from the sun, dry air and the cold. Indoor heating systems may also lead to dryness, which is why it is recommended to use humidifiers.

Temperature of the water used for showering or bathing is also a factor. It should be lukewarm- not too hot and not too cold. It may sound strange, but sometimes water actually dehydrates the skin, which means that people who have problems with dry feet should avoid taking very long baths.

Cosmetics and natural remedies

Cosmetic products used on feet, like soaps, deodorants and such, should be as mild as possible. Harsh soaps tend to dehydrate the skin and cause irritation as well.

In order to repair the dryness of the feet, it is important to dedicate them a few minutes each day. It is recommended to soak the feet in lukewarm water with essential oils for 20 minutes and then to dry them well with a soft, clean towel. After this, any calluses that may be there should be rubbed with pumice stone. Then, it is time for the most important part- moisturizing. The lotion used for moisturizing should be a high-quality one, with moisturizing active ingredients, such as shea butter. It helps to wear cotton socks after moisturizing, to lock the lotion in.

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