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Dry skin is a common condition whichcan affect you during your pregnancy. Basically, this state ofaffairs is triggered by hormonal fluctuations which are commonfor pregnancy, affecting the elasticity of one's skin.

Thus, if you happen to suffer from thiscondition, this article will help you find a solution and prevent allthe negative effects that dry skin can cause.

What Causes Dry Skin?

In general, dry skin is not a seriouscondition. Nevertheless, it can lead to many sources of discomfortand unpleasant experiences. Therefore, you are advised to avoidsituations which are connected with excessive skin dryness andprevent this condition before it affects you.

Skin lacking moisture is the skin mostlikely to get dry. Therefore, in order to avoid this, moisturize yourskin, creating a seal over it, not allowing the water to escape fromyour body. There are many moisturizers you can opt for. However, thethicker these are, the better they protect your skin. So, opt forbrands such as Eucerin or Cetaphil. Alternatively, baby oils or anyother forms of gentle body oils are recommended for these purposes.

Next, avoid taking long showers orbaths in hot water. Rather, choose warm water instead and avoidspending more than 15 minutes on washing yourself. Excessive exposureto hot water will wash off the natural oil from your skin, making itmore susceptible to dryness. Also, during your showers and baths, usesoft and gentle, mild soaps and other cosmetic products. Harsh soaps areknown to lead to skin dryness. Thus, choose mild variants such asNeutrogena, Dove or Basis, preferably choosing the types enrichedwith moisturizers. The best way of making sure that your soap isright is feeling that your skin is smooth and soft after your everyshower or bath.

Sometimes, dry indoor air cancontribute to the dryness of your skin, leading to flaking,irritation and itching. In order to avoid this, you can purchase ahome-based humidifier, being portable and adding moisture to the airyou breathe while spending time in your home. Yet, keep in mind thatsuch devices can be ideal homes for fungi and bacteria, so make surethat they are clean at all times.

Finally, certain types of clothing areknown to cause dryness and skin irritation. Clothes made of syntheticfibers and wool are the common culprits. Therefore, wear cotton andsilk clothing, since these materials will allow your skin to breatheand stay healthy. Also, be careful when it comes to washingdetergents you are using, opting for mild ones without excessiveperfumes and dyes because both of these may trigger skin irritation,regardless of the fabrics you wear.

If none of the above mentioned stepshelp you, seek medical assistance and get properly diagnosed andtreated.

Pregnancy Effects on Skin

Even though most skin problemsappearing during pregnancy come and go on their own, if youexperience any forms of inflammation, blister formation or appearanceof rashes, irritation and itchiness, lasting for more than severaldays, contact your doctor and seek medical assistance.

During pregnancy the skin getsstretched in order to accommodate to the growing abdominal area. Thisstretching places great pressure on the skin and if you add on tothis with harsh cosmetic products or detergents, the matters may getmuch worse.

In case you experience this form ofirritation affecting your skin, switch to non-soap cosmetics and usethem only once a day. However, use moisturizers often, especiallyduring winter and summer when the climatic factors may dry your skineven further. Apply these products once you wake up, whenever youfeel that your skin is getting dry and before bedtime.

Sometimes, the excessive dryness of theskin can lead to the formation of stretchmarks, being common duringpregnancy. Fortunately, you can reduce theseto a minimum by applying moisturizers on the belly area, as well ason the hips, thighs and your behind.

You can add soft oils to the bathtubbefore you take a bath, increasing the moisturizing factors of thewater. However, once you are done with bathing, do not wipe your bodyharshly with rough towels. Rather, use softer ones and pat the skindry. Petroleum jelly can help you deal with the skin dryness in themost problematic areas such as elbows, knees and heels, so bear thissolution in mind too.

Finally, protect the skin withsunscreen each time you expose yourself to sunlight and apply ahydrating mask once a week.

All in all, pregnancy brings manychanges to your life. Even though most of these are related tohappiness and joyful expectation of the birth of your baby, some,like skin dryness may make the process less pleasurable. Fortunately,through taking proper steps of self-care and lifestyle, you cansuccessfully overcome skin dryness and go through your pregnancycarelessly like you deserve.

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