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People prone to dry skin are familiar with the feeling of severe itchiness and a constant need to scratch the affected skin. It may be hard to experience dry skin, but there are simple ways to avoid the problem in the first place and even treat it if it occurs.

Facing Extra Dry Skin of the Entire Body

As far as the face is concerned, this part of the body requires more care than any other. Facial skin is delicate and exposed all the time. The most sensitive part of the facial skin is skin around the eyes. Repeated use of harsh soaps, insufficient moisturizing, excess of makeup, inadequate makeup are only some of a variety of reasons behind dry facial skin.

Unlike the face, the legs and hands are much more resistant to become dry. Still, the skin of these parts is frequently affected as well. It is no wonder if one complains about dry hands if he/she is prone to repeated hand washing or is even compulsive about it. The hands become dry if one uses antibacterial soaps. Still, in order to maintain proper hand hygiene we are simply not able to eliminate hand washing with soap, but we can certainly combat dry hands with moisturizers which are applied every time a person has washed his/her hands.

What to Do about Extra Dry Skin?

If the skin of the face is frequently dry, it is supposed to be washes only with lukewarm water and one may use a mild cleanser. After that a moisturizer and a facial cream are applied.

As for the rest of the body, the first thing is to drink sufficient amounts of water. Namely, being well hydrated will allow the skin to absorb sufficient amounts of water and remain elastic and good looking. 2 liters of water per day is a must if one wishes to maintain healthy appearance of the skin.

The diet may be altered as well, becoming more rich in olive oil, leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Additional help is obtained from applying coconut or olive oil to the entire body immediately before having a bath. The appearance of dry feet may improve if one applies some lotion and that puts on warms socks and spends the night with them on.

People with extra dry skin should avoid bathing in very hot water, stay away from the sun and have a routine of constant application of moisturizers.

Dry skin of the hands can be prevented by wearing rubber gloves on hands while washing dishes and in case of any prolonged exposure to water.

Finally, skin exfoliation and soap free formulations and mild cleansers will additionally help in prevention and elimination of dry skin.

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