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Causes of dry skin

A lot of the attention has been paid to the skin lately, especially after realizing to what extent the sun is harmful to it, not to mention the pollution of air and great number of the harmful substances in it. Also, the cold weather dries the skin and causes it to scale and some wounds can appear, since the elasticity of it is lost. However, although there are more serious problems that can affect it, when the skin is dry, it is actually hungry because water is one of its constituents. Treatment

In order to prevent the dehydration of the skin and provide enough humidity to it, the moisturizing agent must be used, whether in the form of the natural remedies or the cosmetic products which are very popular nowadays. Nevertheless, this problem must be attacked from the inside, as well from the outside, so that the best effect could be achieved. Attacking it from the inside means that the eating habits must be changed in a way that the consumption of water must be increased (an individual should drink 2 liters of water on a daily basis), along with leading a proper diet, of course.

We should be careful every time when washing the face since the water from tap and soap are to be avoided. That is because the tap water contains chlorine and soap eliminates the lipids from the surface of the skin completely, so the mineral water should be used for washing the facial area. Similarly, the hot showers should be substituted with the warm ones, and applying the moisturizer on the skin after it, but when it is still wet (in order to lock up the moisture) is a must.

And when sunbathing, one must always put on the sunblock cream or lotion on the face beforehand.

The dermatologists also recommend introducing more oils (of course, the extra virgin ones, and those that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids) into the diet, since the direct cause of the dryness and necessary elements for the elasticity of the skin are the lipids. That is the way to make the skin less likely to be affected by eczema, for example, and the most popular oils for this purpose are the fish oil and the oil extracted from coconut.

When it comes to the products that provide the skin with the necessary moisture, it is advisable to stay away from the synthetic products and instead of them use the products based on the beneficial herbal ingredients.

It is also important to continue the treatment over the night period because that is the best time for the process of regeneration. And, the special attention should be paid on the lips because they are more prone to crack and to peel.

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