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The Dry Skin around Nose

This condition, usually connected with winter or other cold and windy periods of the year, can be quite uncomfortable. Irritation and itching, as well as the aesthetic issues regarding this condition, make those who suffer from it willing to get rid of it. Additionally, this condition most of the times does not influence solely the area around one's nose, but rather spreads out throughout the face, causing irritation, redness, discomfort, and making skin dry and prone to pealing.

Causes and Possible Solutions

One of the main causes of this condition is, most certainly, the weather. Namely, strong persistent wind along with the harmful ultraviolet sun rays all make your skin dry and damaged, thus triggering all the other symptoms mentioned above. Therefore, one needs to protect his or her face from both the wind and the sun. In order to prevent the wind from completely drying your skin you must be careful while washing your face. Use only mild soaps and make sure you do not wash your face with very hot water. Rather, use warm water and wash your face gently. Usage of skin moisturizers is highly recommended as well, since these prevent the skin from getting damaged and dried out. In cases of sun damage, wearing sunscreen is an absolute must. Also, you may want to protect your head with hats and sun glasses.

Dehydration can make the skin around the nose dry and unbearable. That being said, make sure you intake sufficient amounts of water so as not to cause numerous side-effects of water deficiency, this condition being one of them.

A skin condition may be behind this problem. Facial psoriasis is the most common, regarding the symptoms. This condition is caused by excessive accumulation of one's skin cells, and it usually takes place around one's nose. Numerous small, white flakes of skin get shed around the area causing itchiness and discomfort. Nevertheless, facial psoriasis may be treated with numerous medications and topical creams. However, one needs to be extremely careful with different skin products since usage of aggressive soaps and other cosmetic products may lead to this condition as well.

Possible Cures and Remedies

Along with the pieces of advice mentioned above, there are more steps to be taken in order to solve the problem of dry skin around one's nose. First of all, since stress and sleep insufficiency may also cause this condition, make sure you take some actions in order to make yourself more calm, satisfied and able to sleep longer and better. Also, proper hygiene is a must. Thus, keeping your skin clean and moisturized will most certainly prevent this condition from ever appearing. Finally, in cases of medical skin conditions, it is best to seek doctor's opinion.

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