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A few words about the dry skin

When the skin is dry, it is not so dramatic health problem, but it can lead to certain skin problems, since it is, actually, the sign of the depletion of some vital nutrients to the skin. So, if the dryness of the skin is the condition which remained untreated, it is likely to be the susceptible environment for the outbreak of the itch. Additionally, little breaks can happen, due to the lack of the elasticity and certain amount of the flakes also usually start to come off, also as the result of the inelasticity and dryness of the skin.

So, when someone suffers from the dryness of the skin, the biggest mistake he or she could make is to wash the face and the rest of the skin with the harmful soaps. That is because the majority of the soaps which are available on the market cause the skin to become even drier. There is one very beneficial soap exactly for this type of the skin and that is the product of the cosmetic company ‘’Dove’’.Taking the best care of the dry skin

In the treatment of the dry skin the most important thing is to constantly provide enough humidity to it, during both, the process of cleansing and after that process. That is, after washing the face with the beneficial gentle soap, the skin shouldn’t be rubbed by a towel, but it should be gently tapped with the towel and left not completely dry. While the skin is still humid, it is the best moment to apply the cosmetic product which nourishes the skin with enough water, called moisturizer. Fortunately, there are a lot of moisturizers in the cosmetic industry, in different forms, as gels, creams and lotions.

Anyway, the moisturizer should be put on the skin when it is still damp, so that the humidity could be locked up the most effective way. The washing process is better to be done with any soap of the neutral level of acidity, such as the Dove. If having an extremely dry skin, one should better use the soap which is enriched with the oils or the shea butter.

Also, in the case of the dry skin type, it is recommendable to use the lukewarm water for washing it, and, beside the mentioned soap, some gentle cleansing agent should be used. After washing the facial skin, it is very beneficial to apply certain amount of the oil extracted from olives or jojoba directly over it, and that way nourish it the best way possible. Also, some scrubs may be used in order to remove the dead parts of the skin, but since this process of rubbing is invasive, it shouldn’t be done too frequently.

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