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There are certain problems which seem to favor women. Women are for example, more susceptible to bunions, callus, corns, hammertoes and ingrown toenails. The simple explanation of why the previously mentioned problems occur is associated with shoes women wear. They are most commonly narrow, pointed, high in the heel, flimsy and designed to be more appealing than to be comfortable.

Shoe bite is a common problem among women. It originates from ill-fitting shoes. By wearing uncomfortable shoes women are subjected to discomfort or even pain and consequences can be serious.

Causes of Shoe Bite

As it has already been mentioned women who wear tight, narrow and uncomfortable shoes are the most affected group. They care only about the very appearance of their shoes and only when certain problems regarding feet occur they may change their minds and start to pick more comfortable footwear.

Some people buy shoes that are a size smaller than their foot size. These shoes are tight, cause friction and brush against the skin which eventually results in inflammation. Even in case a person has bought shoes of the correct size the actual structure of the foot may be different and some parts of the feet may be exposed to increased friction and consequent problems. In such people customized footwear are the best possible option. Shoe Bite Treatment

The most important thing each and every person suffering from shoe bite must do is to get rid of all the shoes which cause discomfort. Furthermore, the injured parts of the feet must be treated in order to heal faster and appropriately.

The wounds obtained from ill-fitting shoes can be treated with antiseptic creams. Skin lesions must not be covered with bandage but they are supposed to be left to dry. Even antiseptic powders can be used. Burning sensation caused by shoe bite can be soothed with aloe vera gel. And finally, there are several more home remedies for shoe bite such as turmeric, a paste of rice flour etc.

People who have already experienced shoe bite are due to think twice before buying another pair of ill-fitting shoes. They must become aware that unless they start taking care of their feet there is a chance for their feet to suffer from excessive and irreversible damage.

Shoe bite can be prevented with certain maneuvers. For example, if one applies some coconut oil or castor on the footwear for three days in a row the shoes may become less firm and cause less discomfort. Furthermore, additional help is obtained from petroleum jelly. It is supposed to be applied directly onto the areas of shoe that are likely to cause shoe bite. The jelly should stay on the particular area over night. And finally, one more item that may help in prevention of shoe bite is a cotton ball. It is placed on the part of the foot exposed to excessive friction and may successfully eliminate rubbing between the foot and the shoe.

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