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Facts about coughing at night

Good sleep is one of essential things for the normal functioning throughout a day. When one has a disrupted sleep, he/she is exhausted throughout the day and has no enough energy to perform all the daily activities. One of the reasons for deprivation of sleep is constant coughing during the whole night. It is very distressful for the person suffering from it, but also for the others who are in the same room with that person. While there are cases when a person coughs always but coughing aggravates at night, on the other side, there are cases when a person only coughs at night while in the morning the cough ceases.

Causes of coughing at night

The people who suffer from asthma usually have problems with coughing at night since cough is the main symptom of this respiratory tract disorder. Furthermore, sinusitis or sinus infection is another cause for the appearance of coughing at night. Sinusitis is the medical name for the inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages, which irritates the throat resulting in coughing.

There are medicines that have coughing at night as a side effect. It is observed that the medicines for treating hypertension, called ACE inhibitors, tend to cause dry coughing at night. Therefore, when one experiences constant coughing at night while he/she is on these medicines, it is recommended to lower the dose of these drugs.

Ways to stop coughing at night

Vicks VapoRub is highly recommended for stopping the coughing. First of all, the patient should clean the soles of the feet with water and then apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub, also called Grease-less, on the bottom of the feet. When that is done, the patient should wear woolen socks. This remedy is so effective that it relieves the coughing even after 5 to 7 minute and the patient can have undisturbed sleep the whole night.

Many experts also advise that the person with this problem should use solution of warm water and half of a spoon of salt and than gargle the throat with it before going to bed. Honey is also very good for reducing the cough at night and should be taken in a single dose every day in the evening. Moreover, in order to soothe the throat and air passages, steam inhalation is highly advisable. Coughing at night can be considerably reduced if we keep the room where we sleep clean and free from various allergens, like mites and dust, for example. Of medicines, cough syrups, cough suppressants and the medicine called Tessalon Perles are usually prescribed by the doctors.

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