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Introduction to Double Chin Liposuction

Double chin liposuction is a very popular plastic surgery procedure in both, men and women. Many people who have been obese and who have managed to lose significant amount of weight search for adequate treatments for the rest of fat tissue that has not been successfully eliminated. Chin fat tissue tends to remain even though a person has lost significant amount of fat tissue from other parts of the body. Such people are perfect candidates for chin liposuction. The procedure is also performed in people who have not lost weight but who simply have the excess of fat tissue below the chin and in the upper part of the neck.

Many years ago the only treatment option for double chin was chin tuck. Now that microcannular techniques have improved the effects are easily achieved with chin liposuction. The very procedure includes the insertion of a tiny little tubular instrument (the canula) through a small incision made below the chin line. This canula suck out the excess of fat tissue and by doing so the chin is being reconstructed.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Chin Liposuction?

Not all people can undergo chin liposuction. For example, morbidly obese people are not suitable candidates for chin liposuction. As a matter of fact all patients who are over thirty percent of their ideal body weight are not suggested to undergo a chin liposuction. The procedure is also performed in case of good general health. Some people who are suffering from severe medical condition may be rejected and they are not operated.

The ideal candidates for chin liposuction are people of the average and athletic weight and those under the age of 50 with no serious comorbidities.

What to Think about?

Even though chin liposuction represents a surgical procedure during which small areas of the body are treated there are several potential side effects of the surgery.

The recovery time after chin liposuction varies. The patients should not get back to work for at least a week. Furthermore, healing is promoted with particular position of the head (it is supposed to be elevated for up to 2 weeks). Postoperative pain is a normal body reaction and it subsides during the first week after chin liposuction. Postoperative swelling withdraws within several days. It is also normal for the skin of the chin to be a bit numb initially, but normal sensation restores after a certain period of time. In some people who have had large double chin there is a chance of skin puckering. And finally, for certain period after the surgery the chin appears a bit lumpy. This is not a reason for the patient to worry since the skin soon becomes smooth and the chin obtains a perfect appearance.

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