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Double Chin

Double chin is a very commonproblem that troubles the men and women alike and we will see what can cause thisproblem that hampers the physical appearance. This is a condition that can bedeveloped in the older or younger period of life and it can happen due tohereditary factors. Double chin is mostly associated with the fast gaining ofweight. Many people find that the bigger reason for the creation of thiscondition is age and once the problem is present, it is very hard to remove andeliminate it. Exercising and a proper diet are the best ways of dealing withthis problem, but this will not only eliminate this problem, but many others aswell, thus improving the general health of your body. But if the problem withchin is caused by hereditary factors, these treatment methods will beineffective and only a surgery can help is such cases. It is quick and routinesurgery, which comes in several forms. It is called chin surgery or mentoplastyand it reshapes the chin in two ways, by reducing the bone or enhancing it withthe use of an implant. This is probably the best option for those with doublechin problem and it involves very little scaring.


Intravenous anesthesia is usedfor this procedure, but in some cases, general anesthesia can be used as well.The mouth is the place where the incision will be made and due to this, theexternal wound can be avoided. This way, the unwanted scars on your chin can beavoided. You can do a submental liposuction along with the chin surgery, sincethey both require small incision. The most popular implants used in thisprocedure are silicone and gortex and they have given the best results. The mandiblefront area is the place where the implant is put and contour alteration andprojection increase that we want will be achieved by placing the implant deepin the soft tissue of the chin. Suture will hold the implant in place sincethere are no plates or screws used. Also, jaw bone can keep it in place if theimplant is put under the periosteum. Even during the surgery, contourimprovement will be visible, while the overall improvement will be visibleafter the mentoplasty. Talk to the professional about this surgery and he orshe will help you prepare, since there are some steps that need to be takenbefore the surgery, like elimination of smoking, for example.

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