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A significant number of those who struggle with additionalpounds sees diet pills as a perfect way to put a stop to this struggle and losethese pounds once and for all. This is why little or no attention is paid totheir real purpose when buying them, and not to mention the possible sideeffects that they are associated with. What should everyone know whenconsidering this option is that there is definitely no magic pill, which willgive results overnight and which will melt the fat from the area that theperson wants it to be melt from. They can help, there is no doubt about that, but ifthey are combined with certain changes in the diet and physical activity, theywill speed up the process.

Appetite suppressants and fat burners are available types ofthe diet pills, and it is important to be aware of the fact that their mechanismof action is different, despite the fact that they help in achieving the samegoal.

Appetite suppressants

This type of pills can actually help a person feel full fora longer time, which results in decreased amount of calories taken in and as aconsequence, the loss of weight will be inevitable. The way in which they makea person less hungry is closely related to the effect that they have on the centralnervous system, or more precisely, on the gland in the brain which is known ashypothalamus. Due to the fact that this gland is responsible for thoseneurotransmitters which are associated with the body’s sleep cycle, one of thepossible side effect of these pills can be sleeplessness. However, they canalso cause slowing down of the metabolism, which might bring back the lostpounds as a result and make it even more difficult to get rid of them again. A possibleside effect that also deserves attention is gradual fading of the potential todecrease the appetite.

Fat absorbing pills

As their name suggests it, these pills have the potential toprevent the absorption of fat by the body to a certain extent. Medications fromthis group usually require prescription from the doctor, but they will allowthe person in question to consume more food rich in fat without the worry thatthese fats will be absorbed. Orlistat and Alli are most commonly used fatabsorbing pills, and oily feces and spontaneous defecation have been reported as their main disadvantages, although some other side effects are possible as well.

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