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Master cleanse diet is among the most difficult ones to endure, but it also might be one of the most effective when it comes to weight loss. Nothing but special juice may be taken and that juice includes lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. This is all that is allowed, usually about 10 glasses in a day. This will allow not more than 700 calories per day and that is far less than an organism needs.


It can be said that about 2,000 calories are needed for men, while women may take slightly less calories. These values are considered normal and anything more than that will lead into fat storing, while consuming fewer calories will start a fat burning process. While using a master cleanse diet, the intake of calories is minimal and that means that fat burning process is very intensive. This diet usually last for about a couple of weeks; actually, it lasts as long as a person can withstand its rules and that is definitely not a long period.

There is a big problem that goes along with this diet. As said, there are some strict rules to follow and people wait eagerly for the end of dieting to eat some favorite food again. This must not happen! Maintaining weight loss after master cleanse is very important, almost as important as dieting itself. This period is very sensitive because lost pounds can return easily if caution is not present.

TransitionThis is the best option for all those who want to maintain weight loss after master cleanse, which means that solid food should be avoided for a couple of days more. Instead, a lot of veggies, fruits and water should be used. This food will not be a burden for the digestive tract, which is essential because in those couple of weeks of using master cleanse diet, the digestive tract did almost nothing and it would be a shock for it to start processing solid food again suddenly.

Transition period should last not more than a week, and then healthy dieting should start. This type of eating should be applied forever and it might seem like it is impossible. But, have in mind that a lot more food will be taken in this stage then during master cleanse. This new regime is something a person will have to get used to because it will be a part of normal life from that moment.

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